Meet the Team

Our Team at Angler’s Kabin Cottington


Billy, our faithful leader, partner in Angler’s Kabin, whilst not running around like a loon, can be found under a brolley on Kent’s best pits. A long time regular at Mid Kent Fisheries Milton Complex, he’s caught carp well over 35lb.

Despite suffering from a mild, obsession with a large common carp, he’s always got time for everyone coming in the store.

Billy McGarry


Paul, our elder statesman, his wide and varied angling career has taken him to sea shores, the banks of big hard gravel pits and big midlands rivers in pursuit of big carp, what ever the seas will give him and recently massive Barbel.

A commitee member of Sandwich Angling Club as well as a long time member of Mid Kent Fisheries his ear is well tuned to the local grapevine.

Paul Anglers Kabin Cottington


Lee’s well, just a natural. One of those guys who can catch from a puddle. Catching huge numbers of fish, as well as monsters from the deeps!   Rinsing many a hard gravel pit of their prized possessions, Lee is “the best carp angler you’ve never heard of”

He’s a hard working mechanic by day, but we’re lucky that he spends two days a week with us at Angler’s Kabin Cottington.  Come and meet him on a wednesday and thursday!


Lee Randall


Mark is our technical genius!   Always snapping away, quietly going about his business.  The sort of guy, who rolls on to the lake, and you’d never know he was there!   

You can follow Mark on @markdpalmer on twitter

Mark Palmer Anglers Kabin Cottington



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